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About Us

WATCHR Media is an entertainment technology studio revolutionizing how we discover, watch and share Movies & TV.


Entertainment consumers increasingly demand the ability to watch and interact with the movies & TV they care about, regardless of where they are, what devices they have available and when the programming originated.


Our Entertainment CoRE™ is the most advanced entertainment content, media, metadata and application platform in the world, powering a variety of applications, services and media properties and serving millions of consumers each month.


As entertainment options continue to explode and availability across devices expands, WATCHR is uniquely capable to help meet the needs of both consumers and media companies to create order from the chaotic content landscape.

Why WATCHR Media?

Entertainment content is increasingly fragmented, distributed across a variety of sources and availability windows that have already become impossible to navigate.

This fragmentation frustrates consumers and increases marketing costs for entertainment companies seeking an audience for their content.

We eliminate the confusion, making it simple for users to discover, watch and share the movies and TV shows that they want, when they want and on the devices and in the format they want.

We also make it more efficient and cost effective for entertainment companies to reach their audience to promote their content.

Put simply, we connect audience and content.



WATCHR is a unique entertainment technology studio with expertise, technology assets and scale spanning key segments.


We operate leading consumer media properties covering movies and TV, obsessively chronicling the industry in a way that the most engaged fans crave.


We build services to help content consumers find and watch the content they want to watch - when, where and on the devices they prefer and to help content creators & distributors more effectively reach their audience amidst an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

Content & Metadata

We own and maintain the most advanced entertainment content and metadata platform in the world, a unique asset enabling entertainment personalization, discovery and consumption services - both those developed by WATCHR and those developed by partners licensing our platform.

Market Intelligence

All of our products and services are connected to leverage the value and scale of the insights generated by content consumers, creators and distributors. When studios, networks or financial press wants to know whether audiences will turn-out, our intelligence engines know.

WATCHR Productions

WATCHR Productions

You may have heard of some of our projects. Others we're not yet ready to announce. Some we develop on our own and others we develop with partners or contribute by licensing elements of our platform. Take a look at some of our recent work...





MovieWeb is the premiere online destination for movie enthusiasts, providing the latest news and information on casting and development, release dates, trailers, interviews and clips, full movies and more, MovieWeb keeps users connected to all their favorites, past, present and future. As a top social entertainment network, MovieWeb is revolutionizing the way you DISCOVER, WATCH and DISCUSS the movies you love.

Online since 1995, MovieWeb was one of the first movie sites to appear on the Web. Covering the industry from our teams in NY and LA (and beyond), MovieWeb continues to be one of the most trusted destinations for the connected generation.

MovieWeb is a WATCHR Media, Inc. Property.

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Queueable is your personal universal queue. Queueable makes it easy to track all of the movies & TV shows you want to see and find them where, when and how you're ready to watch. Whether it's available in the theater, on your TV, computer, tablet or phone, Queueable knows and gets you there...fast. Queuable knows what's 'up next' for you and even makes great recommendations of other movies & TV you might enjoy.

Queueable is a WATCHR Media, Inc. Service.

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CinemaPlus is the first and only comprehensive digital brand platform for theater owners & operators. With CinemaPlus, it’s easy for theater operators to provide their audience with best-in-class online & mobile ticketing, rich content, user accounts, newsletters, social updates and advanced loyalty and membership programs.

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